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P.J. Redmond For Judge
Chester County Court of Common Pleas

Produced by PJ Redmond for Judge

About P.J. Redmond

P.J. Redmond grew up in Chester County, specifically West Goshen Township, just outside the Borough of West Chester. He continues to reside there now and has for more than twenty years with his family (his wife, Natalie,a 3rd grade public school teacher, and their two sons, Dan and Michael). He’s a hometown guy.

He worked his way through Villanova (waitering mostly) and worked a few years at a print shop before going to law school (Villanova again) In fact all his jobs except for a summer as a hotel Porter in Ireland have been in West Chester, Chester County.

Since law school he has worked all his lawyering life in our County Seat, West Chester (30+ years).

P.J. was in private practice for 20 years. During those years, he handled a wide variety of cases, including representing people on both sides of disputes: Criminal- civil – Family- Juvenile cases. Just exactly the wide and varied assortment which the Court handles- not just one kind of case.

He has longstanding experience representing the people and businesses of Chester County: Plaintiffs, Defendants, Tenants, Landlords, individuals, juveniles, the elderly, businesses owners and more.

A dozen years ago he left private practice to represent the indigent at the Public Defender’s Office. P.J. would be the first to tell you it has been a challenging but rewarding experience being an advocate for our Chester County neighbors who have less than the comfortable means some of us are fortunate to have. He would call it enriching. When you meet him, ask him.

The Job of a Judge:

The best kind of trial Court judge has developed a sense of how best to help people in the community in cases before the Court based on the law and fairness. The role of a Judge is to consider the law and the case as it appears in Court and make decisions with fairness, integrity, and adherence to the law. Nothing else matters. Experience is the education that matters in a job like a Judge. When selecting a Judge think about whether the person has wide experience in all areas of the law. Whether the person has developed that experience over a long time; Selection of Judges is best based on their sense of whether the candidate is the sort of person the community can feel confident about making decisions in Court for them.

The past is the best predictor of future behavior. P.J. Redmond has worked in this County, in this court, for more than three decades. He has always acted with personal commitment to a fair outcome in Court for the real people he has represented over all those years. He’s helped young people, old people, those who have little money and people of comfortable lifestyles.

P.J. always has treated those in Court with respect and fairness. This has been his custom during 20 years in private practice, more than 10 years as a public defender lawyer, and will continue to be his custom on the bench if he is fortunate to obtain that honor. He will bring a wide and long perspective of treating people with fairness and with integrity as he has lived all his life - in work and personally.

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What is a Common Pleas Judge?

Each county in Pennsylvania has a central level trial Court. It’s usually located in the ‘county seat’. For us that’s in West Chester- in the 7 story courthouse complex on Market Street. Its formal title is the Criminal Justice Center, but it does much more than the name describes. It’s where all the courtroom cases at trial level happen: Family law cases, (like divorce and child custody), Civil cases, business disputes, criminal trials, Wills and Estates cases, Juvenile delinquency and Dependency cases. Each county has a specified number of Judges assigned based on population. In 2021, Chester County has 14 Judges occupying a 15 Judge Court. (one seat is vacant)

This year the voters will elect two Judges to the Court (one replaces the vacant seat as a result of a retirement a year or so ago (Hon Anthony Sarcione). The other replaces the retirement of Hon Mark Tunnell, who retires at the end of 2021.

The voters of Chester County have long elected lawyers experienced in the kind of work the Court does. P.J. Redmond has that same wide experience in areas of the law that the Court is required to address. He has done that exact assortment of work in this County more than 30 years. Elect someone with experience the job requires.

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The Primary Election is Tuesday May 18, 2021.
The Municipal Election is Tuesday November 2, 2021.
This year is like any year election wise. There is a Primary Election in which the Voters select who will appear on the ‘Municipal’ Election later in the year.

Contact Chester County Voter Services, at 601 Westtown Road (by the soccer fields off 202).


P.J. Redmond For Judge
Chester County Court of Common Pleas

Produced by PJ Redmond for Judge

PJ Redmond At Large.

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